Many scholars seek to conduct research that will move toward social justice for the population they study. Yet, it is often hard to figure out how to effectively conduct such research and disseminate impactful findings. This panel will explore opportunities and challenges for taking research beyond the ivory tower and into  the community.

Assistant Professor Laura E. Enriquez (Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Irvine) and her graduate and undergraduate research team members will share their experiences engaging in a  collaborative project to assess the experiences and resources available to undocumented UC students and identify best practices to support educational equity.

Associate Professor Michael J. Montoya (Chicano/Latino Studies & Anthropology; Public Health and Nursing Science; Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community, UC Irvine) will discuss long-term engagement with neighborhood residents and community based organizations in immigrant communities in Orange County. He will share several principles of community engagement that he has learned from his many community teachers and co-researchers.

Professor Gilda L. Ochoa (Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies, Pomona College) will reflect on her experiences sharing the findings from her book "Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans, and the Achievement Gap" with teachers and administrators at the school where she did her fieldwork.

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