A two-day workshop focused on using social science tools and strategies to address national security issues.

This workshop is designed to provide technical/scholarly background and networking opportunities for UC faculty and National Lab researchers interested in submitting proposals under the UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program (LFRP). Awards from this program promote the development of projects and collaborations that advance the missions of the national laboratories and the University of California. While attendance is meant to facilitate the formation of teams, the workshops are not proposal writing venues and attendance is not a requirement (or prerequisite) for submitting a proposal.

 For more information on LFRP see - http://ucop.edu/research-initiatives/programs/lab-fees/index.html

Overview of the Workshop:
National security through social sciences: Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research in the social sciences, arts and/or humanities, including through the application of computational sciences and exploration of immersive visualization, large data sets, or complex networks that advances scholarship and investigates solutions to national security challenges. Research scope may address peace and conflict studies; nuclear proliferation and WMDs; the implications of economic, social and political movements or system failures; terrorism; forensics; catastrophic events; and other topics related to the laboratories’ missions.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:
• Facilitate new collaborations across UCs and the national labs
• Create bridges and strengthen the community of researchers interested in this field
• Identify core strengths of UC and national laboratories

For a full conference agenda, please click here.

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