The 2016 Presidential election is unique in recent history in that both major parties have outsider candidates - Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - who have been able to sustain their candidacies into the final month of the primaries. It’s unclear whether it’s the outsider candidates driving the shift in public opinion, or if it’s shifting public opinion that’s driving the successes of these candidates.

Please join us in our final event of the 2015-16 Social Sciences Expert Series Panel for answers to these and other questions surrounding a wild and wacky election cycle. Panelists will discuss the impact of media's influence on the campaign, such as Trump drawing 43 percent of GOP coverage on network news. Also, will social media's role be more important than ever and will "likes" translate into votes? How will the election effect "down ballot" issues and races; with the entire U.S. House of Representatives up for re-election, will the house flip? How will racial attitudes, affect and behavior; public opinion; political communication; urban politics and mobilization of marginalized groups impact election results?

As our expert series panelists say, fasten your seat belts for what will surely be a bumpy ride from now until Election Day on November 8, 2016.

Expectations Lost: What’s Next for the 2016 Election?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6:00 p.m. Reception
6:30-7:30 p.m. Panel Presentation

Social and Behavioral Science Gateway, Room 1517


John Campbell, Former U.S. Representative & Dean’s Visiting Professor of Social Sciences

  • CPA and business owner with a focus on economic and budget issues.
  • Served as a Member of the California State Assembly (2000-2004), California State Senate (2004-2005), and Congress (2005-2015)

Eulalie Laschever, Doctoral Candidate, Sociology, UCI and Peltason Fellow, Jack W. Peltason Center for the Study of Democracy

  • Areas of expertise include American gun politics, conservative and liberal partisan media's relationship with the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements.

Davin Phoenix, Assistant Professor, Political Science, UCI

  • Areas of expertise include the relationships between race, opinion and participation, and the influence of emotions on electoral behavior

Carole Uhlaner, Associate Professor, Political Science

  • Areas of expertise include understanding mass political participation, the effects of racial, ethnic, and gender identities on political activity and representation, the process of immigrant political incorporation, and the effects of different formal rules of the game on political outcomes.



Louis DeSipio, Professor, Political Science & Chicano/Latino Studies and Director, Jack W. Peltason Center for the Study of Democracy

  • Author of U.S. Immigration in the 21st Century: Making Americans, Remaking America

For further information, or to RSVP, please contact Rosemarie Swatez, rswatez@uci.edu or 949.824.2511.


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