What is the relation between experimental ethnographic forms in method, outcome and analysis? This roundtable asks how different audiovisual and textual forms of material relate to each other, focusing on the analytical process as entangled in all phases of doing ethnography, before and beyond the field.

Waltorp and Vium present visual excerpts from a number of research projects: A joint on-going project chronicling everyday life in a South African township over a span of 10 years. Waltorp presents film scenes from fieldwork and filmmaking in with young Muslim women in a social housing estate in Copenhagen, focused on the affordances of smartphones for young urban women, second-generation immigrants with transnational networks living in a Scandinavian welfare state – and the affordances of the visual and digital as fieldwork device. Vium shows examples from his ongoing post-doctoral research project ‘Temporal Dialogues’ in which collaborative photographic re-enactments of archive material has been carried out in Central Australia and the Brazilian Amazon, as well as material from his forthcoming photo-monograph ‘Ville Nomade/The nomadic City, an experimental ethnographic cartography of the city of Nouakchott composed of montages of archival material, his own photographic work and material from fieldwork.


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