About the talk:
Another Life is Possible: Black Fugitivity provides a cursory analysis of the historic and contemporary manifestation of the Black fugitive. It is in the tradition of the historic antecedent of the Black fugitive during times of explicit racial terror, that the contemporary manifestation of the Black fugitive takes form. The lecture is based upon both historical analysis and a discussion of the Black fugitive in the current moment with a focus upon ethnographic research conducted in Los Angeles, CA. A major argument placed forth within the talk is that the modern configuration of Black fugitivity provides a means by which we can navigate through periods of multiple crises where racial regimes attempt to shore up ideological crevices and place forth illegitimate claims of power.

About the speaker:
Damien M. Sojoyner is an assistant professor in the Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies at Scripps College within the Claremont College Consortium. Sojoyner researches the relationship among the public education system, prisons and the construction of Black masculinity in Southern California. He has written articles in scholarly journals such as Race, Education, and Ethnicity, Transforming Anthropology and Black California Dreamin’ published by the University of California Press. Damien is currently finishing his book on the relationships among public education, enclosures, masculinities, schools and prisons to be published by the University of Minnesota Press.

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