The Department of Logic & Philosophy of Science presents

"Second Irvine-Pittsburgh-Princeton Conference on the Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations of Physics (IPP 2014)"

March 20-21, 2014
Social and Behavior Science Gateway (SBSG), Room 1517

Organizers: Jeff Barrett (LPS, UC Irvine), Hans Halvorson (Philosophy, Princeton), Giovanni Valente (Philosophy, Pittsburgh), and Jim Weatherall (LPS, UC Irvine)

Over the past decades, philosophers of physics and others have made important contributions to the mathematical and conceptual foundations of physical theories by critically analyzing how the mathematical structures of such theories inform central philosophical concerns, and in some cases by proving new theorems of high philosophical interest. This conference, the second in a series, aims to bring together physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers of physics working on such technical issues.

For additional information, including a call for papers and information about how to submit, please visit

This conference will be followed immediately by a three day workshop on the Foundations of Gauge Theories. For more more information on this event, see

The organizers gratefully acknowledge support from the School of Social Sciences at UCI and the UCI Interdisciplinary Program in History and Philosophy of Science.

For further information, please contact James Weatherall,

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