The Department of Logic & Philosophy of Science Colloquium presents

"When is Now?  How Beeps, Flashes and Snaps Undermine a Privileged Now"
with Craig Callender, Professor, Philosophy Department, UCSD

Friday, March 14, 2014
3:00 p.m.
Social Science Tower, Room 777

Relativity famously challenges the model of time that we implicitly adopt as we navigate through life. Metaphysicians often fight back on behalf of this model, appealing to the strength of our experience of the present in order to posit a privileged Now.  In his talk Callender will argue that the science of our temporal experience supports the construction of an experiential counterpart of relativity’s case against the Now. But he'll do more than that. Using beeps, flashes, snaps and other stimuli, he aims to cast doubt on the idea that there is any unified perceived present at all.  Then, after tearing down the Now, he’ll show how to put it back together again so that we can understand why organisms like us employ the model of time that we do.

For further information, please contact Patty Jones, or 949-824-1520.

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