The Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences Colloquium Series presents

"Patterns of Synchrony: From Animal Gaits to Binocular Rivalry"
with Marty Golubitsky, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University

Thursday, February 13
4:00–5:00 p.m.
Social Science Plaza A, Room 2112

This talk will discuss previous work on quadrupedal gaits and recent work on a generalized model for binocular rivalry proposed by Hugh Wilson. Both applications show how rigid phase-shift synchrony in periodic solutions of coupled systems of differential equations can help understand high level collective behavior in the nervous system. Two relevant papers (which can be downloaded from my website M. Golubitsky, I. Stewart, P.L. Buono and J.J. Collins. Symmetry in locomotor central pattern generators and animal gaits. Nature. 401 (1999) 693-695. C. Diekman and M. Golubitsky. Network Symmetry and Binocular Rivalry Experiments. J. Math. Neuro. Submitted.

For further information, please contact Joanna Kerner, or 949-824-8651.

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