The School of Social Sciences is pleased to be part of UCI's inaugural "Classes Without Quizzes" for Homecoming 2014! Social sciences has been selected to present "Hot Topics Debate: Gun Ownership" with William Schonfeld, political science professor emeritus, and Mark Petracca, political science associate -professor and social sciences associate dean of undergraduate studies. Recent events have demonstrated that gun ownership has become a highly contentious issue that sometimes prompts sensitivity, fear and misunderstanding. Petracca and Schonfeld will debate the issue, arguing for and against control and regulation. The event will be moderated by Louis DeSipio, Chicano/Latino studies and political science professor.

Saturday, January 25, 2014
2:00 p.m.
Newkirk Alumni Center

For further information, please contact Rosemarie Swatez, or 949-824-2511.

*Please note that responses will be given in the spirit of the debate and that views expressed may not represent the participant's personal preferences.

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