The Department of Chicano/Latino Studies presents

"La Familia: A Study of Family Work Relations Among Latina/o Children and Adolescents Who Work With Their Parents as Street Vendors in Los Angeles"
with Emir Estrada, University of Southern California           

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
10:30-11:30 a.m.
Social Science Tower, Room 318 (Jeff Garcilazo Conference Room)

Estrada received a Ph.D. in sociology from USC and a B.A. in sociology with a minor in Chicano/a studies from UCLA. Her research interests in immigration and gender are influenced in great part by her own immigration experience and her dissertation research is the first major study analyzing the role of Latino children from Mexico and Central America who work alongside their immigrant parents doing street vending work. Her research identifies the diverse ways in which street vending children (ages 10-18) are incorporated into informal sector employment with their parents and analyzes how they evaluate their own work and how their labor shapes the household economy, their educational aspirations, their future mobility, and parent-child relations.

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