The Center for Citizen Peacebuilding presents

"Ending Violent Extremism"
Former Extremists & Survivors Igniting Peaceful Social Change

November 18, 2013
7:00-8:30 p.m.
Soka Performing Arts Center, Aliso Viejo CA
Reception to follow

Soka Changemakers hosts a panel of international thought-leaders from the Against Violent Extremism (AVE) network, a Google Ideas and Gen Next Foundation sponsored community of former extremists and survivors dedicated to ending violence. Audience will gain ideas that allow—even require—each of us to be part of the solution.


  • Linda Biehl, Survivor : In the midst of South Africa's violent anti-apartheid movement in 1993, Linda’s daughter Amy Biehl, a white American activist studying in Cape Town, was murdered. Peter and Linda Biehl’s willingness to reconcile with her killer led to formation of The Amy Biehl Foundation, whose mission is to weave a barrier against violence and to prevent youth violence.
  • Paul Carillo, Former Gang Member: Paul was raised on the streets of Los Angeles in an environment that was full of drugs, gangs, abuse, violence and poverty. Paul’s life changed after two significant events: his close friend was murdered and his girlfriend became pregnant. Since then, he has spent the 10 years helping youth out of the same chaos that once trapped him.
  • Eric Gibson, Survivor: Eric Gibson entered the spinal cord injury by way of gun violence in the Los Angeles gang world. Eric believes getting shot five times at close range delivered him from a life of crime and violence. He now dedicates himself to disarming the city and its youth. He received his certification in drug and alcohol counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and is a multicultural ambassador for the Reeve Foundation.
  • Maajid Nawaz, Former Islamist: Maajid Nawaz, was formerly on the UK national leadership for the global Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT). He eventually served four years in an Egyptian prison as an Amnesty International “prisoner of conscience” where he renounced the Islamist ideology while remaining Muslim. He now engages in counter-Islamist policy advice, social-activism, writing, debating and media appearances.
  • Kerry Noble, Former Cult Leader: Kerry Nobel is the former second in command of "Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord" (CSA), a racist right-wing cult whose purpose was the overthrow of the United States government. CSA was the subject of a stand-off on April 19, 1985 and it was Kerry’s rejection of violence that led to a peaceful end to that crisis.


  • Ross Frenett manages the Against Violent Extremism (AVE) network, a global network of former extremists and survivors of extremist violence which the institute runs in conjunction with Google Ideas and the Gen Next Foundation.
  • Michael P. Davidson, CEO of Gen Next, an exclusive organization of successful individuals dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the most pressing challenges facing future generations.

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