ASUCI presents

"University of California Student Association Congress"

August 8-11, 2013
Marriott Hotel in Irvine


The UC Student Congress is the University of California Student Association’s membership conference, an annual gathering of members from the graduate and undergraduate associations. The conference offers students the opportunity to collectively decide UCSA’s Action Agenda campaigns for the year, as well as engage in UCSA’s Vote Project for upcoming elections. The Action Agenda includes all the legislative and organizing initiatives around the issues students propose at Congress. Past campaigns have included regential reform, Prop 13, including holistic admissions, and the DREAM Act. These are issues worked on throughout the year by all the campuses in the UC system. Throughout the weekend, students participate in skill-building workshops focused on advocacy and organizing, higher education issue workshops, and strategy sessions in preparation for choosing UCSA’s Undergraduate and Graduate Action Agendas. At Congress, the new UCSA President, Board Chair, Secretary Finance Officer and Executive Board are elected by the Board of Directors.

All travel, lodging and food expenses are paid for ASUCI’s Office of the Executive President. Diverse delegations from all UCSA member associations attend, particularly student organization leaders. All student members who attend with their delegation are able to participate in all aspects of decision-making, including the final vote on Action Agenda campaigns. Students from outside UCSA’s membership are invited to participate in workshops and trainings.

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