The Department of Logic & Philosophy of Science Colloquium Series presents

"The Immediacy of Geometric Diagrams"
with John Mumma, Cal State University San Bernardino

Friday, May 17, 2013  
3:00 p.m.  
Social Science Tower, Room 777

In this talk, Mumma explores how geometric diagrams can be thought to have a distinctive immediacy.  First, drawing heavily from [Kuvlicki, 2010], he'll present a notion of immediacy for mathematical representations and discuss how it relates to the idea that immediacy involves some kind of intuitive evidence.  He'll then use this notion and the analysis presented in [Mumma, 2010] to give an account of the immediacy of diagrammatic proof in elementary geometry.

J. Kuvlicki.  Knowing with images:  medium and message. /Philosophy of Science/, 77(2) 2010:  295-313.
J. Mumma.  Proofs, pictures, and Euclid. /Synthese/, 175(2) 2010:  255-287.

For further information, please contact Patty Jones, or 949-824-1520.

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