The Center for Demographic and Social Analysis presents

“Introducing Translational Science”
with Dan Cooper, Professor of Pediatrics, UC Irvine Chief, Pediatric Pulmonology Division
Founding Director of the Institute for Clinical Translational Science
Program Director of the UC Irvine Clinical Research Center

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
12:30–1:30 p.m.
Social Science Plaza B, Room 4250

Translational science grew out the need in the health sciences to facilitate rapid bench-to-bedside applications of new discoveries. Increasingly, social and behavioral scientists are also called on to convert their own basic research into practical, actionable steps to improve health and well-being. Join Dr. Dan Cooper, director of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, to learn more about translational science and the many activities of this center promoting biomedical research, training and dissemination.

This event is part of the Population, Society and Inequality Colloquium Series.

For further information, please contact Sandy Cushman, or 949-824-3344.

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