The Population, Society and Inequality Colloquium Series presents

"Penalty or Premium? The Effect of Parenthood on Wages for Men and Women in Elite, Professional Occupations"
with Anne McDaniel, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, UCI

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Social Science Plaza B, Room 4250

In the past 30 years, women have entered elite, professional occupations at higher rates, and their participation rates in many traditionally-male occupations is close to parity with men, including medicine, law and business. Yet, women in elite, professional occupations continue to earn less than their male counterparts. It is also widely assumed that women's careers are negatively affected by having children, while the opposite is true for men. A motherhood wage penalty is well-documented, as is its corollary, a fatherhood wage premium.  However, research on the motherhood wage penalty often ignores heterogeneity in women's experiences. Furthermore, research rarely compares the effect of parenthood on wages by gender. Using data from the 1980 Integrated Public-Use Microdata from the Census as well as 2006-2010 American Community Survey, McDaniel analyzes trends over time in the effect of parenthood on wages for individuals working in elite, professional occupations.

Event sponsored by the Department of Education

For further information, please contact Jayne Lee Yang, or 949-824-2566.

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