The International Studies Public Forum (ISPF) and UC-CUBA Research Program present

"Who is Joseph Kony…and Does Kony 2012 Matter?"
with Ayesha Nibbe, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hawaii Pacific University

October 11, 2012
5:00-6:30 p.m.
Social Science Plaza A, Room 1100

Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 video swept over the internet in March, reaching close to 100 million views on YouTube in the first 10 days alone. KONY 2012 aimed to “Make Joseph Kony Famous”...but who is Joseph Kony? Why does he abduct African children? What, if anything, is he fighting for? Although the online response was widely positive, the video also provoked a vociferous response from critics concerned with the video’s message, its medium, and its implications for peace in Uganda and central Africa. Six months after the video release, does KONY 2012 matter?

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