The UC Irvine Program in Religious Studies, Humanities Collective, Program in International Studies and Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies present

"Multi-Campus Workshop/Conference on Religion and Nationalism"

May 17-18, 2012
8:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

Religious beliefs and nationalist loyalties are among the most powerful convictions and motivational forces in the world we know. We see them at work to a varying degree in many different situations, from Ireland to China, from Afghanistan to Argentina, from Israel to the United States. Sometimes they reinforce each other; often they are at odds, even internally or within the same country or region; frequently they interact in unexpected ways. Neither can be assumed to be always present. Nationalism is essentially a phenomenon of the last 500 years, much more recent in history than racial, tribal, or dynastic feelings. Religion is as old as mankind, yet some have seen religion dying out in the face of modernity, while others view it today as growing stronger, especially in the non-western world. What social needs do religion and/or nationalism fulfill? What human psychology do they reveal? What realities do they convey? What illusions do they offer? Are they "imagined communities"? Or inescapable building blocks? Do they offer important clues as to who we are? Twenty distinguished scholars from the region -- eight paper-givers and twelve commentators -- offer us their thoughts about these fascinating phenomena in examinations of different country settings.

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The conference is supported by grants from the UCI Humanities Collective, the UCI Program in International Studies and the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies at UCI. Parking is available in the UCI Student Center Parking Structure (West Peltason Dr. and Pereira). The UC Irvine campus honors faculty/staff permits from other University of California campuses for the purpose of short-term visits. Please notify the parking attendant upon arrival. A limited number of complimentary parking permits are available to the public.

To request a complimentary permit or for questions about the conference, please contact Marc Kanda, 949-824-6522 or

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