The Population, Society and Inequality Series presents

"Learning to Become a Lawyer...of Color: How Asian American and Latino Law Students Navigate Professional and (Pan)ethnic Identities"
with Diana Pan, Sociology Graduate student, UC Irvine

October 18, 2011
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Social Science Plaza B, Room 4206

Navigating professional and personal identities often belabors individuals ascending the socioeconomic ladder.  In her talk, Pan will explore how Asian American and Latino law students negotiate simultaneous identities as attorneys-in-training and as nonwhite individuals with recent immigrant roots.  Her research has found that Asian American and Latino law students draw on a repertoire of strategies that encompass different accounts, identities, and roles that enable creativity and elasticity with regard to professional and personal identities.  The strategies, “panethnic marginalism,” “tempered altruism” and “instrumental ethnicity” allow students to navigate professional and (pan)ethnic identities.  The findings suggest that race and racialization affect the ways in which non-white law students with recent immigrant roots conceptualize their career trajectories and obligations.

This talk is sponsored by the Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy.

For further information, please contact Carolynn Bramlett, or 949-824-1361.

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