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"The Ghost Riders"
A Documentary by Vincent Blackhawk Aamodt

Screening on Wednesday, November 4
7:00 p.m.
Dr. White Room at the Cross Cultural Center, UCI

"The Ghost Riders" opens up a door to the past, present and future of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, one of the poorest and harshest areas in the United States, and the people who struggle to survive there. In 1890 the United States Army massacred over 300 unarmed Lakota Indians, most of who were women, children and elders, the massacre was said to have broken the sacred hoop(a Native prophecy that you can learn more about at the screening of "The Ghost Riders"). It was then after this tragedy that the Holy man, Black Elk proclaimed the people would mourn for 7 generations and that the children of the seventh generation would be the ones to mend the sacred hoop and begin the healing. The Ghost Riders follows the organizers and riders as they embark on a 300-mile spiritual journey on horseback to honor themselves and the tribe.

Free food provided by Veggie Grill.

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