The Malinowski Prize recognizes outstanding original research. Anthropology majors who conduct original research as part of regular coursework, an honor's thesis, UROP, SURP, EAP, or other such programs are eligible. Original research is defined as involving independent data collection based on any combination of the following methods: fieldwork, participant observation, interviews, surveys, documentary research, collection of images or texts from popular culture, and/or formal data collection and analysis.

Award Amount: varies by year


  • Papers written in collaboration with faculty members may not be submitted.
  • Students may submit only one paper for consideration for this prize.
  • Papers should be between 20 and 40 pages in length.
  • Honor's theses may be submitted, but if they exceed the page limit must be shortened to adhere to the length requirement.
  • The winning research paper will be posted and archived on the Departmental website, and the recipient of the prize will receive an award at the Department's Spring awards ceremony.
  • For further information may be found online at


  • Students please submit your paper to Norma Miranda or Tami Hoksbergen, Social Science and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 3201 by May 5, 2016.
  • Faculty may nominate student papers (only one paper per student); submit a copy of the paper with your nomination by May 5, 2016.


2015: Not Awarded

2014: Linh K. Le

2013: Not Awarded

2012: Not Awarded

2011: Farley Hamada, "Of Plight and Providence: Big Pharma and the Effects of Pharmaceutical Advertising on U.S. Patients with RLS, Insomnia, GERD, and GAD"(Faculty sponsor: Keith Murphy)

2010: Not Awarded

2009: Hadia Hakim, "Palestinian Identity-Formation in Yarmouk: Constructing National Identity Through the Development of Space" (Faculty sponsor, Victoria Bernal)

2008: Ana Siria Urzua, "Gentrification and Displacement: Assessing Responses in Santa Ana, California"(Faculty sponsor, Michael Montoya)

2007: Kevin Michael Smith and Raul Perez, "Research in Intentional Communities: Past and Present"(Faculty sponsor, Bill Maurer)

2006: Ashley T. Brenner, "Analysis of the Perception of the Paradigms of Archaeology and the Effect on the Discipline" (Faculty sponsor, Bill Maurer)


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