The Center for Citizen Peacebuilding engages in research, education and action supporting citizen participation in public peace processes locally and globally. Since 1999 center activities have aimed to prevent violent conflict and to promote reconciliation and sustainable peace in areas where violence occurs.



  • Nina Smart “Resisting World Polity Transmission: The Silence on the Glocalization of anti-FGM legislature in the Parliament of Sierra Leone”
  • Giorgio Gosti  “Community Driven Peacebuilding as an Alternative to Military Peacekeeping”
  • Heidi Haddad “Access and Influence: Mapping Civil Society Networks at the International Criminal Court”
  • Kelsey Norman “How Cairo’s Resettlement and Refugee Protection System Affects the Rights of Refugees and Migratory Persons”
  • Peter Owens “No Further West: Conflict and Cooperation Between Indigenous Peoples and American Settlers in California, 1846-1873”
  • Tyson Patros “The Role of the Tunisian and Egyptian Labor Movements in the Revolutionary Mobilization of 2010-2011”
  • David Wight “The Petrodollar and the Foreign Relations of the U.S. and the Middle East and North Africa, 1969-Present”
  • Johanna Solomon “Reconciliation through Jewish Muslim Inter-Group Dialogue”
  • Arturo Jimenez Bacardi “The Power and Limits of International Law: Torture and Target Killings in U.S. Security Policy”
  • Eric Mosinger “The Collective Defense of Democracy from Caracas to Cairo”
  • Anna Tan “Humanitarian Mobilization during the Nanjung Massacre: Compassion, Opportunity and Threat”


  • Arturo Jimenez Bacardi (Political Science Grad Student) – “Assessing the U.N.’s Role in the Arab-Israeli Conflict” – $2000
  • Amy Grubb (Political Science Grad Student) – “The Microdynamics of Violence and Order: Comparing Social Community Processes” – $2500
  • Eric Mosinger (Political Science Grad Student) – “Civility in Civil War: Conflict Intensity as the Result of Strategic Retreat” – $2500
  • Dana Moss (Sociology Grad Student) – “Variation in Protest Emergence and Outcomes in Jordan and Yemen: A Comparative Study” – $2500
  • Yang Su (Sociology Department Professor) – “Event History Data Collection to Study Government-Protest Standoffs, 1950-2011” – $2500
  • Ather Zia (Anthropology Grad Student) –  “The Politics of Absence: Women Searching for the Disappeared in Kashmir” – $2000
  • Sharmaine Jackson (Sociology Grad Student) – “The Unmaking of Gangbangers: The Role of Krump Dancing in Negotiating Nonviolence for Populations Vulnerable to Inner-City Violence.” – $2000
  • Johanna Soloman (Political Science Grad Student) – “Communities in Conflict: Investigating and Improving Reconciliation Interventions in U.S. Based Inter-Diaspora Conflicts” – $2000


  • Madeline Baer (Political Science) "Water for Profit: Water Privatization and Citizen Participation in Chile" - $2,500
  • Sharmaine Jackson (Sociology) "It Takes Two to Tango: Understanding the Role of the Subordinate in Reconciliation" - $3,000
  • Erin Moran (Anthropology) "Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and the End of Brithright Citizenship in Ireland" - $2,500
  • Johanna Solomon (Political Psychology) "Forgive but Never Forget: Possibilities for Reconciliation through Targeted Intervention" - $3,000
  • Ather Zia (Anthropology) "Spectacles of the Invisible: Women and the Quest for Human Rights in Kashmir" - $3,000


  • Nevin Aiken (CGPACS) - $3,000
  • Joanne Nucho (Anthropology) - $3,000
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig (Political Science) -$3,000


  • Nevin T. Aiken (Visiting Research Fellow, UBC, GPACS), “Learning to Live Together: Transitional Justice and Intercommunal Reconciliation in South Africa and Northern Ireland” $3000
  • Bruce Hemmer (Political Science), “Putting the ‘Up’ in Bottom-Up Peacebuilding…” $3000
  • Stefka Hristova (Visual Studies), “Whose War? Reading the Photographs of the Danube Theater of the Crimean War 1853-6” $500
  • Laurent Tambayong (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences), “City System Vulnerability and Resilience…” $2446
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig (Political Science), “The Missing Link: Citizen Dialogue and Second Track Diplomacy in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland” $3000


  • Nevin T. Aiken, Overcoming Intractability:  Transitional Justice and Intercommunal Reconciliation in South Africa and Northern Ireland.
  • Chih-Chieh Chen, To Socialize a Rising Power: How Have International Norms Changed China and Vice Versa.
  • Bruce Hemmer, Putting the ‘Up’ in Bottom-Up Peacebuilding: Mobilizing Peace Constituencies in Democratizing Societies.
  • Morgan Kronberger, The Invisible Children Movement:  The Domestic and International Impact of a Western NGO.
  • Katherine Mack, Fostering Rhetorical Reconciliation: Lessons from the Public Hearings of South Africa.s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • Saba Senses Ozyurt, Islamic Institutions in the West: Bridge Builders or Boundary Markers between Muslim Immigrants and their Host Societies.
  • Katherine Quick, Peacebuilding at the Frontier of Democratization in Indonesia.
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig, Dialogue Revisited: Learning from Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine.
  • UCI History Project, Themes in World History Institute:  Building Peace in the Modern World.


  • Daniel Wehrenfennig, The Malawi Project: Moments of Truth, A documentary film on peaceful political change in Malawi, 1992-1994. ($2200)
  • Jennifer Luchesi-Long, Circus Citizen Peacebuilders: An International Youth Exchange Project ($2000)

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