The Caesar D. Sereseres Outstanding Service Award was established in the School of Social Sciences in 2012 to commend graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding service within key educational, leadership, and outreach programs in the School of Social Sciences and campus community. The award honors the more than two decades of outstanding service given to the school and the campus by Caesar Sereseres, political science associate professor and associate dean.

Award Amount: $100.00

Past Recipients

2016: Estefania Valois (Political Science)

2015: Kathy Dong (Sociology and Political Science) & Christopher Galeano (Political Science, Sociology & Int. Studies)

2014: Leslie May Legaspi (PoliSci)

2013: Anthony Rivero (PoliSci and English)

2012: Margaret Chang Liao (Int Stud), Vanessa Chavez (Int Stud), Aaron McCullough (Socio)


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