We asked some of our National Academy members, Distinguished Professors, Chancellor's Professors and named chairs in social sciences to comment and we got some really interesting responses. Learn more about their work below and keep checking back for new videos.
  • Frank D. Bean, sociology Chancellor’s Professor and Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy director, discusses his research on immigration and social demography.
  • Bernard Grofman, political science professor and Jack W. Peltason Endowed Chair, discusses his work to define racially polarized voting.
  • Mimi Ito, anthropology and informatics professor and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Chair in Digital Media and Learning, discusses her research on teenagers on the internet and how new technologies can help young people learn better.
  • George Marcus, anthropology Chancellor's Professor and Center for Ethnography director, discusses his work on collaborative ethnographic research and complex systems.
  • Kristen Monroe, political science Chancellor's Professor and UCI Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality director, discusses her research on altruism, rational choice and how real people go about making moral decisions.
  • David Neumark, economics Chancellor's Professor and Center for Economics & Public Policy director, discusses his research on minimum wage and anti-poverty policy.
  • Kim Romney, anthropology Distinguished Professor, discusses his work developing methods for objectively studying cognitive anthropology and shared cognitive patterns
  • Vicki Ruiz, Chicano/Latino studies Distinguished Professor and chair and history professor, discusses her work helping to establish the field of Chicano/Latino history with her research on Mexican-American women in the U.S. Southwest.
  • Ruben Rumbaut, sociology professor, on large movements of people across international borders.
  • Donald Saari, economics and mathematics Distinguished Professor and Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences director, discusses his work on the evolution of the universe and other research.
  • Stergios Skaperdas, economics professor and Clifford S. Heinz Chair, discusses his work on creating mathematical models that help us understand and analyze outcomes caused by competing interests.
  • Brian Skyrms, logic & philosophy of science Distinguished Professor, talks about his work on evolutionary game theory and the social contract.
  • David Snow, sociology Distinguished Professor and Center for Citizen Peacebuilding co-director, discusses his work on social movements and homelessness.
  • Etel Solingen, political science professor and Thomas T. and Elizabeth C. Tierney Chair in Peace Studies, discusses her work on conflict and cooperation.



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