UCI Fate Fellows Beckmann, Chernyshoff, Scontras and Straughn

UCI social scientists Matthew Beckmann, political science, Natalia Chernyshoff, economics, Gregory Scontras, language science, and Ian Straughn, anthropology, have been named among the second cohort of the UCI Faculty Academy for Teaching Excellence (FATE). The honor recognizes professors who have demonstrated a commitment to creating learning environments that foster the growth of all students while developing their own skills as peer-recognized model educators. The program is supported by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

Members meet regularly to discuss all aspects of the teaching experience, from pedagogical techniques to course policies to departmental and university-wide issues. These meetings provide a forum for rapid dissemination of successful approaches to challenges faced by instructors and students. Each year, supported by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, FATE fellows lend their expertise to advise campus leadership on a set of targeted projects that advance teaching excellence.

The full 2024-25 cohort includes:

Jonathan Alexander (Humanities)
Matthew Beckmann (Social Sciences)
Adriana Briscoe (Biological Sciences)
Jim Brody (Engineering)
Natascha Buswell (Engineering)
Christine Cadiz (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Larisa Castillo (Humanities)
Natalia Chernyshoff (Social Sciences)
Amy Dent (Social Ecology)
Brandon Golob (Social Ecology)
Christine King (Engineering)
Eric Lindsay (Arts)
Sergey Nizkorodov (Physical Sciences)
Kylie Peppler (Education)
Jenny Rinehart (Social Ecology)
Gregory Scontras (Social Sciences)
Ian Straughn (Social Sciences)
Catherine Vimuttinan (Humanities)
Jacqueline Way (Humanities)
Lawrence Wilk (Business)

Congrats to all, and to learn more, visit https://dtei.uci.edu/fate/.

*An earlier version of this announcement omitted a social scientist from the description and photo above. All are now accurately displayed.* 

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