Allison Lim

At the age of 20, she studied politics in England. At 23, she taught English in Colombia. By 25, she was studying Chinese in Taiwan. And at 27, she became Chief of Staff to Assemblymember Alex Lee, D-Milpitas. This is the story of Allison Lim, Capitol Weekly’s newest Rising Star.

As the daughter of first-generation immigrants from Singapore, Allison was not raised with influences from the political sphere. In fact, she did not even know that this career was an option growing up.

Allison studied Political Science and Sociology at UC Irvine, but she did not know that she wanted to enter a career in politics until she lived in Colombia in 2016, when Donald Trump was the President of the United States. She described her high school students asking questions like “why does the U.S. hate us?” or “why does Donald Trump hate us?”

“It really made me feel as though the current state of politics in this country wasn’t a good or accurate representation of the country as a whole,” said Allison. “And so when I got back, I felt that I wanted to use my experiences and get involved in politics. I ended up choosing to go into state politics, which is what led me to my first job in the Assembly as a leg aide.”

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