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In college, she, [Sharon Moreno Hernandez] was a walk-on at University of California, Irvine (UCI) from 1994 to 1998. … “When we first met in college in 1994, Sharon came to a long and hard workout on the track. Because it was the first training session of the year, lots of people dropped out. We were the only two standing at the end,” said Skye Green, UCI All American, Hall of Famer and former teammate. College was where Moreno Hernandez had the opportunity to train with other female athletes. “It was hard and lonely to train with the boys in high school. In college, we had so much comradery with each other,” said Moreno Hernandez. This was when Moreno Hernandez started to rethink the idea of “toughness.” She still saw the importance of hard work and competing for place and time, but the team dynamic and female athletes supporting each other gave her meaning.

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