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International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recognized on January 27, is a day of remembrance for the six million Jews and millions of other victims who were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime in Europe during the Holocaust of World War II. The victims included Jews, as well as other groups deemed undesirable by the Nazis, such as people who identified as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and political dissidents. Many of the victims were imprisoned in concentration camps, where they were subjected to inhumane treatment, torture, and murder.

Holocaust Remembrance Day is also a time to remember and to reflect on the dangers of hatred and prejudice, and to reaffirm our commitment to promoting tolerance and respect for all people.

I am an alumnus of UC Irvine. When I was a student at the university, I was involved in Jewish life on campus. Education at the university was always a collaborative effort with other students and faculty. UCI represented a great place for Jewish education with Hillel and Chabad House on campus.

In direct response to Holocaust deniers, I have set up an endowment in the School of Social Sciences for a Jewish studies graduate award. This gift will be amplified as a result of the Henry and Susan Samueli matching fund challenge for Jewish Studies at UC Irvine.

By establishing an endowment in support of Jewish Studies, the school not only honors the victims of the Holocaust, but also helps to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are remembered and studied for future generations. Holocaust Remembrance Day is an important annual opportunity to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and to reaffirm our commitment to never forget and to always stand up against hatred and bigotry. Through education, we can create a more tolerant and inclusive society that works together to build a more just and compassionate world.

David Rosten '83
Founding Partner, Rosten Capital and Founding Member, UCI School of Social Sciences Dean's Leadership Society


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