David Neumark

Research confirms that language used in job advertisements can deter applicants aged 40 and older from applying. Published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the study "Help Really Wanted? The Impact of Age Stereotypes in Job Ads on Applications from Older Workers" was conducted by Ian Burn (University of Liverpool, UK), Daniel Firoozi, Daniel Ladd and [Distinguished Professor of economics] David Neumark (UC Irvine, US). As Neumark writes in the study’s introduction, “Lengthening work lives for those able to work is a crucial part of the policy response to population aging.” People are living longer and healthier lives, which translates to a need or desire to work longer.

For the full story, please visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/sheilacallaham/2022/09/26/new-research-shows-job-ads-deter-applicants-age-40-and-older/?sh=52241ea249ff. 

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