Jeff Kopstein

For Americans who are fully vaccinated, organized political resistance to vaccination mandates is infuriating. Such resistance continues to ravage communities, disrupt commerce, overload hospitals and generate an appalling toll of needless illness and death.

An abundance of clinical evidence shows the authorized vaccines are both safe and effective. And jurisprudence dating back over a century confirms the constitutionality of vaccination requirements. Yet Republican politicians from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin keep rallying outrage against consistent measures to contain COVID-19.

But what if there’s more at work here than a naked play to stir up a political base? What if the institutional distrust and disdain simmering in DeSantis and Johnson followers were sprouting from more than the vulgarian rhetoric of Trump-friendly politicos?

Then we’d have a much bigger problem to solve.

In fact, our research shows that we do.

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