COVID-19 is pushing countries and communities to the brink. How is the pandemic playing out in different regions and countries, and will this collective global challenge facilitate a cooperative global response—or just the opposite? Experts from across the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation weigh in. Etel Solingen on nuclear weapons: 
The threat of nuclear war may not be in anybody’s mind while coping with COVID-19. Or perhaps it is, especially as—superimposed on the confinements—fires rage and smoke-induced eclipses conjure up analogies to a nuclear winter? Either way, the Doomsday Clock posted by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists now stands at “Within 100 Seconds Of Midnight” in 2020, citing the existential dangers of nuclear war and climate change, compounded by cyber-enabled information warfare. This is the closest to Doomsday we have been since the Bulletin’s proverbial clock was conceived in 1947. 

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