On March 2, UCI took part in a global discussion on the case for female leadership and equality. The Athena40-sponsored event, which marked International Women's Day 2020, spanned eight countries and featured nine panels with a total of 68 international speakers. More than 600 influencers tuned in to hear about the challenges women face in different societies and cultures.   

The organization has now published a white paper outlining calls to action and insights gleaned. Most notably, the list of recommendations to increase gender equality worldwide includes providing women access to networks, crafting legislation that supports - rather than shuns - women from the workforce, addressing stereotypes and unconscious bias, increasing women decision-makers, supporting collaboration and access, equalizing power, educating young girls about their potential, and shifting cultural mindsets to include women as equals.

Learn more about their recommendations and view a recording of the Irvine discussion organized by Catherine Bolzendahl, UCI sociology professor and featuring Dr. Stephanie McClellan, chief medical officer and OB/GYN, TIA Women's Health; Susan B. Parks, president and CEO, Orange County United Way; Kerry Phelan, global franchise management president, Lionsgate Entertainment; L. Song Richardson, dean and Chancellor's Professor of law, UCI; and Loretta Sanchez, former member, U.S. House of Representatives.


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