Abby Banglos and Jessica Goessler came to UCI as transfer students in Fall of 2017 looking for a way to connect with fellow students of anthropology. They quickly became good friends with each other and other club members. When it came time to plan for the 2018-2019 school year, ack and Jenn, the 2017-2018 presidents, asked these two students if they would like to continue the legacy of the Anthropology Club at UCI. Abby and Jessica began their presidency of the club during the Fall of 2018.

The two new presidents were excited to make their dozens of ideas come to life. They decided to have a higher presence on social media (overseen by the Historian, Hannah) to ensure that other students were able to see anthropology club as an active social club. They also wanted to plan multiple field trips as well as create the opportunity for students to participate if finances were of issue. What they each value the most is creating a fun space for new students, transfers, or even people that are simply interested in anthropology.

During this past fall quarter, the anthropology club met on the third floor of SBSG, the bustling hub of professors and graduate students. They met there every week on Tuesday at 5:00pm for meetings such as a Graduate student panel, a social experiment on color, videos and discussions, a professor presentation of his upcoming class, BJs member bonding dinner night ($3 Pizookies y’all), a Halloween party complete with a showing of the archaeological thriller As Above, So Below, an archaeology field school presentation from two members who attended field schools, and a field trip to the San Diego Zoo.

New members are always welcome! If you have questions about certain classes, professors, the certificate program, the honors program, or anything else, Abby and Jessica will be happy to be in touch with you. Contact them through email or social media and keep updated on the upcoming events the club has planned for Winter quarter.


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