#MeToo/Time’s Up activists at the Oscars will have the kind of media coverage that most movements dream of. They should turn their 40-plus million viewers into a mass movement against sexual harassment.

How? Veteran activists know that they have to tailor their actions to the setting. Wearing black to the Golden Globes was smart because it was visually arresting and gave reporters something to ask about on the red carpet. But what about once attendees are seated and the lights dimmed?

Awards shows are tightly scripted affairs, and neither producers nor viewers have much patience for speeches outlining 10-point programs for saving the world. So give us something else. Take advantage of the fact that viewers want to help, and that, considering we’re just sitting on our couches with not much to do during the boring bits (and let’s face it: there are boring bits), we have time to help. Right then.

Read on, courtesy of Fortune.


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