How do you sum up four of the most pivotal years of your life in a single word? It’s not easy, but in true anteater fashion, a few of our graduating seniors rose to the challenge. Whether they were most inspired by their professors, the friends they made or the extracurricular opportunities they were offered, each student sang nothing but praises for UCI and their experience.

Meet some of our accomplished degree candidates here and take note—we’re bound to see great things from them in the future.

allisonName: Allison Lim
Major(s): Political science and sociology
One word to describe UCI: Growth
Why?: Because one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned at UCI is to take a lot of risks and be comfortable with getting out of your comfort zone. I definitely encourage people to do things they are scared of so that they can develop personally, professionally and just be a better person.
Plans after graduation: I am going to take a gap year. I want to travel and work abroad for a bit, and after that I’ll be applying to law school.

andrewName: Andrew Chittaphong
Major(s): Economics and sociology
One word to describe UCI: Phenomenal
Why?: Because I’ve just had so many different opportunities and experiences here that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.
Favorite thing about UCI: My favorite thing about UCI is all the opportunities for research that students are able to conduct on their own. Working with faculty and doing your own research is an amazing experience and something I’m really grateful that UCI can offer to all of the students here.

sunnyName: Sunny Liu
Major(s): Anthropology, international studies and public health
One word to describe UCI: Inspiring
Why?: I think its because I have been so inspired by the people around me whether it’s my friends or family or the people around me or the staff at our school who have been so supportive and welcoming. I think they have made some of the greatest impacts in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support and encouragement.
Best memory: Some of the best things I got out of UCI are the friends that I have made. My best friend here is definitely my roommate. I’ve been living with her for the last three years and she has been such a great support. I definitely think that meeting her has been one of the best memories.

bhawanaName: Bhawana Kumari
Major(s): Political science
One word to describe UCI: Opportunity
Why?: Because of all the places I’ve ever been, I think this campus has the most resources and ways to be involved and find yourself.
Biggest accomplishment at UCI: My biggest accomplishment at UCI would just be being involved in everything that I am involved in. It can be hard to step outside your comfort zone and be a part of everything that’s available to you, but I’m glad I made use of that opportunity.

bensonName: Benson Lao
Major(s): Business administration and economics
One word to describe UCI: Magic
Why?: It signifies the fact that everything that’s happened around me has been kind of fate. This whole thing has been just magical and I am so grateful.
What you will miss most about UCI: What I’ll miss most is that everything is so close. My friends are here, the food is here—I can’t cook so that makes life a lot easier for me.

debbieName: Debbie Kol
Major(s): International studies and literary journalism
One word to describe UCI: Fulfilling
Why?: Because I was able to meet and exceed both my academic and personal goals.
Favorite thing about UCI: Meeting individuals who come from diverse backgrounds really helped shape the way I perceive the world, as well as open my eyes to different experiences and different outlooks on life.

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