From Southern California Public Radio:
Among the raft of immigration-related state bills that California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last fall is a precedent-setting bill known as the Trust Act, which challenges federal immigration policy as it seeks to limit deportations. The Trust Act specifically challenges a federal program called Secure Communities, which since 2008 has allowed state and local authorities to share fingerprints of immigrants booked at local facilities with federal agents. The way it's worked in the past is that if there's a match, a deportation hold is issued. But the feds haven't sued California so far. UC Irvine political scientist Louis DeSipio doesn't think they will. "I think the Obama administration is more than happy to have states take the leadership role, as long as it doesn't challenge the federal prerogative to regulate immigration," DeSipio said. "So a bill like the Trust Act really doesn't present the challenge to the federal government that Arizona's legislation did."

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