From UT San Diego:
In a recent piece about how the core cities are becoming “childless” – home to the hip and single or couples without kids, Kotkin refers to a 2006 study that seems to cut the other way regarding the isolation of the suburbs. In that study, University of California, Irvine economist Jan Brueckner and University of Dublin professor Arin Largey used data on 14,827 individuals interviewed for a Social Capital Benchmark Survey. The researchers were attempting to see if a correlation existed between population density and the loss of community connection. … Brueckner and Largey “found that for every 10 percent drop in population density, the likelihood of someone’s talking to his neighbor once a week went up 10 percent, regardless of race, income, education, marital status, or age.” That translates to out in the ’burbs, we talk to each other.

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