From the OC Register:
Tim Young, the UCI grad student, explains that "learning in this environment is not identified as learning by most people but," he pauses, "it is." The point, says Young, is that players, .., are working together online — in small groups or en masse — to understand the game better, to solve its intricacies and to share their solutions…Mizuko Ito's children had to teach her about the thing at which she was, by training and her own diligent research, already an established expert… And yet, when the professor in residence at the University of California Humanities Research Institute at UCI saw that her daughter, Luna Ito-Fisher, was not using her own screen time wisely, Ito limited her time spent texting and online… What Ito's three years of work, funded by a MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative, had shown was that kids are not just consumers of media and technology – they are creators and producers of it… "The era of mass media is over," says Ito. "The way the world works now is through manipulation of media in ways that interest us and work for us. It's how we navigate our careers. The more they understand the media, the more they will succeed in all things. With power comes responsibility."

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