Third year LPS graduate students Justin Bruner and Cailin O'Connor will both present research at the conference "Games, Interactive Rationality, and Learning (G.I.R.L.) 2013", hosted by Lund University in Lund, Sweden. 

Bruner's talk, which is based on a paper co-authored by O'Connor and LPS faculty member Simon Huttegger, will present new experimental work concerning Lewis signaling games. These games are used by game theorists to explore the evolution of signals and language. 

O'Connor's talk will present research on how signaling games can be used to explain the evolution of perceptual categories, such as "green" or "smooth", which can group together many different states of the world. 

Joining Bruner and O'Connor in Sweden will be LPS faculty members Jeff Barrett and Brian Skyrms, who is a keynote speaker at the conference.


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