Cultural anthropologist and chair of the research network, Mimi Ito, said: "Without a proactive educational reform agenda that begins with questions of equity, leverages both in school and out of school learning, and embraces the opportunities new media offers for learning, we risk a growth in educational alienation among our most vulnerable populations. "We're seeing the tremendous potential of new media for advancing learning," said Ito, a professor of anthropology, informatics and education at UC Irvine, 'but right now it's only the most activated and well-supported learners who are using connected learning to boost their learning and opportunity. "We believe many more young people can experience this kind of learning," Ito said. "But there's no question we're at risk of seeing yet another way privileged individuals can gain advantage - even though the internet and digital technology has the potential to even the playing field and multiply the opportunities for all youth to find their place and achieve."

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