From the Christian Science Monitor:
Since his unveiling Saturday as Mitt Romney's running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan has gone from being famous only inside the Beltway - and in his corner of Wisconsin - to being a national curiosity... But truth be told, we're more interested in Ryan's hair - particularly his widow's peak. Having a full head of hair is always a plus in politics, but the way his hair comes down to a little point in the middle of his forehead (think Eddie Munster) gives him an added bonus. It brings to mind no less a Republican figure than the late President Ronald Reagan, the last inhabitant of the White House to have a pronounced widow's peak. For Republicans, ever on the lookout for the next Reagan, this could be a sign. In fact, a professor at University of California at Irvine did a study in the late 1980s on the facial attributes of politicians, and found that widow's peaks were "a clear positive" with the public, according to an April piece in the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column.

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