From the LA Times:
As Ryan Bailey recalls it, he was an 8- or 9-year-old commencing a now decades-long affair with water polo and he would peek to the side of the pool where the coach's kid stood alone, throwing a ball against a wall. Bailey's fourth Olympics likely will be his last. That permanently will dock a partnership with Azevedo that is 14 years old and helped produce the U.S.'s first Olympic medal in water polo in 20 years, and that renders the team captain both a bit wistful and a bit more determined. The connection always has been there: Azevedo's father, Ricardo, was the local age group coach in Long Beach, Calif., when Bailey began playing the sport. It truly began to blossom when Bailey finished at UC Irvine and joined the national team, with Azevedo again lingering on the fringes as a promising teenager.

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