From the Florida Independent:
Approval of the DREAM Act before the end of the year is an opportunity for the Senate to do the right thing for hundreds of thousands of young people who call the United States home: That was the central theme for academics who participated in a phone conference call on Monday to voice their support for a letter signed by close to 300 of their colleagues supporting the DREAM Act.... Ruben G. Rumbaut - professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, who also participated in the call - pointed out that much of the public debate on immigration has been fought on myth. Nativism rails against immigration and popular belief overrules facts. Immigrants are less likely to bring crime, drugs and illness to the U.S. Languages spoken by immigrants, especially Hispanics, are not a threat to English. "[Immigrants] are dehumanized in public discourse and live in fear of deportation," Rumbaut added. "[If] these ambitious students are further pushed underground, it would be a tragedy if the Senate misses this opportunity to help these students."

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