From the Providence Journal:
Anthropologist and social scientist Leo R. Chavez held up one national news magazine cover after another with derogatory depictions of "little folkloric Mexicans moving north," and headlines about "The Illegal Alien Problem," and "Time Bomb in Mexico, Why There'll be No End to the Invasion." One magazine cartoon showed a pregnant woman being carried across the border, Chavez called that the promulgation of the "Latino fertility threat" in the media. Chavez, an anthropology professor at the University of California at Irvine, and author of "Covering Immigration, Popular Images and the Politics of the Nation," presented an honors colloquium on "Why Immigration Reform is So Difficult: Latinos as Threat in the Media," on Tuesday at the University of Rhode Island. The 2010 Fall Honors Colloquium on Race continues through Dec. 7. The images and articles, in part, reflect "the state of our national conversation on immigration reform," Chavez said. But immigration reform "is really about - who do we want as part of our circle? Who do we let in that door to join us?" He added, "Do undocumented immigrants, unauthorized - some say illegal - do they get to join the circle?"

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