Jeffrey Barrett, logic & philosophy of science professor and department chair, has been awarded the title of Chancellor’s Fellow, effective through June 30, 2012. The title recognizes scholars of exceptional value to the university whose recent achievements in scholarship show extraordinary promise for world-class contributions to knowledge. The honor also includes $25,000 per year to support research efforts during the two-year term.

Barrett’s research interests include philosophy of science and physics, quantum mechanics and theory of knowledge. He is currently working to better understand the quantum measurement problem and quantum theorist Hugh Everett, III's many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

In October 2009, Barrett received a $160,000 grant from the National Science Foundation allowing he and a team of researchers the opportunity to comb through, scan and preserve newly discovered handwritten notes penned by Everett - documents which the researchers hope may shed light on the quantum measurement problem, one of philosophy and physics’ deepest mysteries.  

Learn more about Barrett's current research project online.

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