From the AP:
State park advocates hope to leverage one California passion - driving - to support another - the great outdoors - with a fee on vehicle registrations to fund a park system in danger of decline…. But even if voters can be convinced the parks are in need, proponents may have a tough time selling voters on an additional vehicle fee, said Mark Petracca, chairman of the political science department at the University of California, Irvine. Anger over a higher vehicle fee was part of what led to the recall of former Gov. Gray Davis. When Schwarzenegger replaced him, one of the first things he did to curry favor with the public was to reverse those fees. "Is that a mechanism that's going to appeal to people? Probably not. This is California. People associate driving with a kind of right of mobility," Petracca said. "If you lived in another part of the country, it would be the equivalent of taxing your gun."

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