From the AP:
Meg Whitman's campaign for governor has doubled its advertising on Spanish-language radio and increased the number of its Latino television spots by roughly 50 percent as the former EBay chief executive seeks to blunt the impact of news that she employed, then fired, an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. Publicly, Whitman's campaign aides say the controversy over her former housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan, will not harm Whitman's prospects among Latino voters, especially after the multimillion-dollar investment she has already made to reach them. Latinos "care about jobs, and we've been in that community communicating for a year trying to earn their support every day," said Mike Murphy, Whitman's senior strategist.... Louis DeSipio, a political scientist at UC Irvine and head of the school's Latino studies program, said Latinos are likely to suspect that Whitman should have known about her housekeeper's status after nine years of service. Moreover, the timing of the firing, as she was running for governor, would "appear to them as reinforcing the way America deals with illegal immigration," he said. "We're willing to rely on their labor until they become inconvenient to us. It makes her appear hypocritical."

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