Catch UCI anthropologist Susan Greenhalgh and sociologist Wang Feng this week on American Public Media’s special series: China's One Child Policy.  Coverage will air live June 21-25 (Monday through Friday) 6:30 p.m. on KPCC-FM 89.3 with online coverage and past recordings available at

From American Public Media:
Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Scott Tong concludes his three-year posting in China with an in-depth series about the controversial policy that restricts many Chinese families to having no more than one child. In this multimedia series we look at how the policy came into being 30 years ago and how it has evolved. We examine the highly-programmed lives of so-called “Little Emperors” and the way in which businesses market to them. We investigate if Chinese citizens actually want bigger families in a rapidly urbanizing and often materialistic society. And we look at the economic repercussions of the policy in terms of future labor shortages to find out if China's days as the cheap-labor “factory of the world” are numbered.

Direct link to one-on-one with Wang Feng:

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