From the San Francisco Gate:

Spanish-language ads on Facebook and radio that attack GOP gubernatorial front-runner Meg Whitman's immigration position began Wednesday in a preview of what may await her if she wins next week's primary election against state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.... Voter participation has increased as Latinos have migrated toward the Democratic Party since Prop. 187, which would have prohibited illegal immigrants from using social and health services and public schools in the state, was approved by voters but struck down by a federal judge. Latinos are not sure-fire Democratic voters. Many of them are frustrated that the Obama administration has not carried out its promise to pass immigration reform, Malverde said, and some may not vote. "You don't know where (Democratic gubernatorial candidate) Jerry Brown stands - on this or much of anything," said Louis DeSipio, a professor of political science at UC Irvine. Brown doesn't have a well-funded primary opponent and has barely campaigned.

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