From the OC Register:

The trivia question-and-answer game launched April 5 and sells for $39.95 on the Internet. [Peter] Gadiel said he's not sure how many have sold so far but figures it's not many because he has yet to get the word out to mainstream groups, he said. Still, chatter and e-mails about the game are already circulating among local anti-illegal immigration circles, including e-mail blasts sent by the Huntington Beach-based California Coalition for Immigration Reform. The game has also been criticized by some local immigration scholars and immigrant-rights advocates who questioned the information in the game. “Basically it's his interpretation of statistics,” said Louis DeSipio, an immigration expert who is an associate professor of political science and Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Irvine. “It's not designed to inform as much as it is to inflame.” Gadiel said he created the game because there are already several reports and books on the subject. DeSipio said the game is made to fit into the anti-illegal immigration agenda.

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