While the hustle and bustle of student and graduation activities has slowed across campus, the celebratory spirit continued as Chancellor Drake recognized 594 staff members last week for their years of service within the University of California system. The event, sponsored by Staff Assembly and Human Resources, is held annually to honor staff with five to 40 years of service at UCI or in the UC system. Among those recognized were 14 social sciences staff members whose combined years of UC service total more than 245 years.  
Ramon Munnoz Staff Service AwardCongratulations to the following social sciences staff:  
5 years  
Theresa Collica  
Jascha Wilson  
10 years  
Jeanett Castellanos  
Mario Nunez  
Renee Martin  
Shelly Bennett-Burns  
Jeff Stern  
20 years  
John Sommerhauser  
Pat Frazier  
Ellen Schlosser  
30 years  
Charlene O'Hehir  
Jerry Keys  
Sheila Hayden  
35 years  
Ramon Munoz  
"The staff in the School of Social Sciences are an exceptional group of professionals working together toward not only achieving their own goals, but actively participating to help others achieve theirs," says Dave Leinen, social sciences assistant dean. "Maintaining sustained good performance and commitment over the long term is the key to any successful organization. The Staff Service Awards are a reminder of this commitment and dedication from the staff -- it's our way of helping make UCI the institution it is today. The School of Social Sciences currently has 35 staff members that have more than ten years of university service. We're very proud of that."  
Cindy Sasso, social sciences personnel manager, agrees and adds, "Congratulations to all of the recipients for their many years of service to the school and the campus. Many of these employees have worked in our school since they arrived at UCI. My colleagues are extremely loyal and dedicated to their jobs and to the School of Social Sciences, and I am very honored and proud to work beside each and every one of them." 

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